Billing and Collections

RCM’s proprietary software starts with our clients having the capability to send charges via secure fax or e-mail through an Electronic Claims Management system that is linked directly to our billing software. Our billing software is exclusive to us and enables our staff to handle all aspects of the revenue cycle along with identifying compliance issues such as overlapping times and duplicate services.

Our Billing and Collections processes include:
  • Verification of all insurance coverage through a partnership with Care Vault
  • All procedures coded by an AAPC Certified Coder
  • Over 80% of claims submitted electronically to payers
  • EFT/ERA payment scenarios with most payers
  • Timely follow up of all outstanding claims and patient balances
  • An adjudication program that informs the billers of all underpaid/overpaid claims
  • Client Practice Management Reports via secure website

These services along with extensive and on-going training of our billing team sets us up to maintain the highest level of performance.