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Anthem Update to Cataract Anesthesia

At the outset. we must correct two misunderstandings about the Guideline. First, the guideline, while published on December 27. 2017 and then revised and re-published on February 1, 2018, has not been implemented and is not yet in effect for our California membership.

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2018 QPP Reporting

We are now entering year two of QPP reporting and there are some changes. Since 2017 was considered a “Transition Year”, CMS reduced the reporting requirements to help transition EP’s (eligible professional) into the new QPP program. 2018 reporting requirements will be more comprehensive, and the biggest change for qualified…

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Anthem MAC Anesthesia for Cataract Cases

California Clients Anthem MAC Anesthesia for Cataract Cases. We have recently received news that Anthem has changed their policy in regard to the Medical Necessity of MAC anesthesia for cataract cases. Anthem states “Administration of moderate sedation, monitored anesthesia care

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